Lament not because of the wicked. Thou wert created to bear and endure, O Patience of the worlds.
― Baha’u’llah, The Fire Tablet (
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la douleur exquise
[la doo-lyeur ex-keez]
(idiom) A French, untranslatable phrase, describing the heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have. To say this phrase is synonym to unrequited love, limits its beauty. Unrequited love describes a relationship state, but not a state of mind. Unrequited love encompasses the lover who isn’t corresponding, as well as the lover who desires. La douleur exquise evokes the emotional heartache, specifically, of being the one whose love is unreciprocated. (via wordsnquotes)
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Even when you

were at your worst,

and I cut my hands

wide open

from picking up

your broken pieces,

I still loved you.

Connotativewords | jl | Even More (via connotativewords)
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زندهگي من گزشت در انتطاري،
انتظار ان چيزكه پيمان نبود.

I spent my whole life waiting
For something that I wasn’t sure would come.

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Maybe I love too much and maybe I show it too little.
― R.M. (via ideacycling)

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